we have a wide range of specialized medical equipment covering the needs of doctors to treat
infants from a pediatric emergency trolley, which is designed for use with proven clinical methodology to treat
life-threatening emergencies in pediatric patients to an annual pediatric check-up facility that lasts from infancy
until end of early childhood.

Medical furniture

Majan has achieved a pioneering breakthrough in the field of medical furnishing through a wide range of equipment,
distinctive beds and specialized medical equipment that cover the requirements of quality and comfort for patients
and are in line with the latest models of modern medical life to give a sense of comfort to all those dealing with the
health sector of facilities and clinics.

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Mariem AL-Nasser

Medical Agency Director


I never guessed that deal with supplier company could be fun and freindy as I found it to be with Majan, super helpful team 

Khaled Ali

Pediatrics Dr


Loved the after sales service and the info they were generous with and I hope this won’t be the last time we deal with Majan

Super-specialized devices sector

Intensive care unit
Microsurgical devices unit
Ultra sterilization unit
Specialized radiological devices of various means
Medical furniture processing unit for clinics and hospitals
Unit for preparing chairs for people with special needs
Mobile oxygen device supply unit

The most prominent areas of medical equipment are:

Majan” provided the best medical brands for disposable medical equipment and supplies, which are used for one

time, among the best brands in the world, which have been recognized by major international evaluation institutions

and disciplined quality tests. With Majan, doctors feel a lot of confidence in choosing products that suit the nature of

their work and the interests of their clients

Medical supplies

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